Rosine Baldaccini, born in 1934 is a French artist. Her sculptures are the essence of her identity. Rosine’s characters are suspended in the most revealing moment of their intimacy. All of her work is made with patience and one goal, to confer to them the absolute truth of their appearance, which is a long process that starts with materials varying from clay to bronze, plaster and wax with incessant touch ups at every stage of the model. Each detail is highlighted by a patinated polychromy with vivid colors.

The profound humanity of Rosine expresses itself with modesty and a sense of intimacy that characterizes each of her sculptures. The fabulous character of her subject reveal incongruities that present a very personal poetic quality. She met César in 1948 and married him in 1957. Their daughter Anna was born in 1958.

Rosine Baldaccini was part of a collective exhibition at the Colette Creuzevault gallery in the salon de Mars in 1989, then in a collective exhibition titled ‘Animal’ at the Bourdelle Museum. In 2001 she has her first personal exhibition at the Foret gallery and her last in 2014. From December 14th 2021 to the 28th of January 2022, the Clavé Fine Art gallery will present the exhibition ‘The imaginary world of Rosine Baldaccini’. At the occasion of the centenary of César, and in the artist studio that was his for more than 30 years, Clavé Fine Art pays tribute to the wife of this sculptor, presenting a selection of her aquarelles, bronzes and painted plaster.
Rosine Baldaccini
Photo Credit : © DR