Past exhibition
24.05.23 → 22.07.23

From May 24 to July 22, 2023, Clavé Fine Art presents the work of Japanese American artist Jacob Hashimoto, in collaboration with Studio la Città. In its space rehabilitated by architect Kengo Kuma, Clavé Fine Art brings together a selection of 14 works.

The lightness of the materials used by the artist resonates with the walls of the gallery, covered with «washi», famous Japanese paper. If the artist is also known for his installations that can fill the void of a whole place, the Parisian gallery chose to exhibit dense and colorful wall works.

There are several pieces from the «kite» series. True composition work, circles of paper accumulate and overlap to give depth and lightness, playing with shadows and lights, like tapestries animating the space. Similar to paper sculptures, this work of assembly is not the only intervention of the artist since each element welcomes drawing, collage or painting before finding its place in these compositions.

Influenced by video games and brightly coloured virtual worlds, but also by the cosmology on which Japan has built its identity, the gallery’s mural work also reflects a natural sense of curiosity about the digital age. Between sculpture, painting and installation, art

The artist paints a world where daydreaming and meditation are closely linked to tradition and modernity.

This first collaboration between the artist and Clavé Fine Art is part of a rich European news for Hashimoto, which will be in the spotlight this summer in Italy with an exhibition of his most recent works at Studio la Città in Verona