Pauline Guerrier lives between Paris and Lisbon. Born in 1990 in Clamart into a family of artists, her father, a sculptor and her mother, a choreographer, as well as her grandmother, a ceramist and her grandfather, a painter, introduced her to each of their practices at an early age. She entered the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2009, in Giuseppe Penone’s studio, which she attended for three years. She then joined Ann Veronica Janssen’s studio until her 5th year graduation in June 2014. Pauline Guerrier is nomadic, setting up her studio according to her travels – in Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Chile, Benin and Senegal. She observes and learns from local weavers, glassblowers, engravers, glassmakers and mosaicists.
In a perpetual quest for knowledge of craftsman’s techniques around the world, Pauline Guerrier confronts the skills of yesterday with the world of today and tomorrow: ecology, science, faith, superstition, are all subjects that feed her research. In her work she explores drawing, sculpture but also performance art. According to the artist, a medium is merely the vector of a message, a language that she employs, an alphabet of symbols to transmit an idea. Pauline Guerrier has participated in numerous international fairs such as Art Paris, Art Genève, Arco Lisboa, Arco Madrid, Istanbul Art Fair, Sp-Arte Sao Paulo, PAD, Parcours Saint- Germain. Her work can be seen at the Villa Datris, the Fondation Zinsou in Benin, at the Domaine des Étangs, at the MOCO in Montpellier, in the Artissima collection, at the Chateau La Coste, or at the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam.
She has been represented by the Foco Gallery in Lisbon for the past four years. She also works in collaboration on specific projects with RX Gallery and Clavé Fine Art Gallery in Paris.