Sacha Floch Poliakoff was born in 1996. She lives and works in Paris.

Formed in Jean-Michel Alberola’s studio at the Beaux-Arts de Paris as early as 2015, Sacha Floch Poliakoff began with classical training, a studio life that offered her great freedom and allowed her to pursue her personal research. In 2018, thanks to an exchange at SVA, the School of Visual Arts of New York, she expanded her palette by discovering oil painting with her teacher Matvey Levenstein, an artist at Kasmin Gallery. Sacha completed her studies in Stéphane Calais’ studio, graduating in 2020.

The artist, who has already executed commissions for illustrations, murals or posters, is also exhibited for her own work. If she is regularly presented at the Galerie Pixi in Paris, her work has also been shown in group exhibitions or fairs, in Paris, London and New York.
Exhibitions began in 2016, when Sacha’s work was exhibited at the Zürcher Salon in New York. She also participated in the Wendy Galerie’s Bibelot Summer Show (curated by Callisto McNulty and Éric Bauer) and the group show On Pas Manque d’Art (curated by Annabelle Cohen-Boulakia) in 2018, before being presented at Draw Art Fair London at the Saatchi Gallery in 2019.
The year of her graduation, she participated in the 5th edition of the Galeristes fair at the Carreau du Temple.
Since then, she has had a series of exhibitions including Doomed and Famous, a selection of works from Adrian Dannatt’s collection at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London in 2021 and more recently Bienvenue Art Fair at the legendary La Louisiane Hotel and Bijoux d’Artistes, Chefs d’oeuvre des Ateliers Hugo at the Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery.
And more unusually: Sacha has appeared on the television show Boite Noire on the French television station of Canal+ to present her work.

In a more discreet fashion, her work also extends to the auction houses when she donated a drawing for the charity initiative “#ProtègeTonSoignant”, organized by Piasa, but above all through the numerous commissions she continues to receive for illustrations.

She then alternates her painting work with illustration by collaborating with different decoration or fashion houses such as Casa Lopez, Thierry Colson and Bourgine but also with magazines and publishers such as Les Echos Série Limitée, GQ, Air Mail Weekly, Stock or Alfred A. Knopf. In 2021, Sacha succeeded Pierre Le Tan alongside José Lozano to illustrate the marketing campaign for Laurent-Perrier champagne.
Testifying to the breadth of her work, in 2018, at the request of the architect Florence Lopez, she created a 38m2 painting for the restaurant Mon Square in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. She revealed yet another facet of her talent in 2021, when she created the brochure for the visit of the Museum of Modern Art of Fontevraud, first edition of a residency with the museum.

Marked by her origins and family past, Sacha has a particular affection for objects, which are for her precious witnesses of what animates her, carries her and surrounds her. More than that, present and diverted in most of her works, these memories, which are presented as archetypes of her personal iconography, would almost form an emotional inventory. Playing with her collections, regrouping, composing, she places her artifacts on the canvas which becomes an (in)seizable pocket space. Their own importance then abolished by the line, they form an atemporal world that everyone can appropriate.
These obsessions, fascinations, are then revealed through collages, drawings, scarves, paintings and watercolors. One will always find a way for her to express herself fully without saying too much, a work full of dignity. Through all of this, we constantly find a universe driven by color and more or less figurative forms, through various techniques. Sacha also likes to divert and readapt the classics of art history, so that they can endure. As a legacy, her habits and skills come from her family, as a way for them to cope with the exile and distance from their origins, Russia. Each of the images she represents has a story, an evocative power. It is a virtual memorial where the past and the present meet.

In 2023, Calvé Fine Art hosts her first solo exhibition.