Past Exhibition
24.06.22 → 23.07.22 

Antoine Clavé and Victor Villemin present “Dizygote”, an exhibition by Felix Beausoleil and Virgile Belaval, a duo show to be found at Clavé Fine Art from June 24 to July 23, 2022.

This dialogue is the alliance of two artists and friends for whom the title Dizygote (“Said of twins from two different eggs”) seems to find a particular resonance. From distinct universes, Felix and Virgil have in common an artistic approach that goes beyond figuration. Their representations embody mysterious languages where nightmare, night and myths invade their works. 

Bringing together fourteen pieces on both canvas and paper, this exhibition allows us to dive into the universe of these two creators, revealing the links that unite them.

Félix Beausoleil and Virgile Belaval embody a new artistic generation returning to the basics. Creation becomes again a vital stake allowing the artist to express what is deepest in him.