Past exhibition
07.04.22 → 25.05.22

From April 7 to May 25, 2022, Clavé Fine Art is pleased to present “Sous l’orage des roses”, a solo exhibition by the artist François Réau.

Curated by Stéphane Ibars, this exhibition brings together a selection of 18 works by the artist and also features an installation created especially for the occasion.

It was in 2021, some time after opening Clavé Fine Art in the former César’s studio, that I met François Réau and his work, through our mutual friend Yann Fravalo-Riopelle. As soon as I entered his studio, I was immediately struck by the delicacy and poetry of his work. Works on paper where graphite and graphite let appear and disappear more or less abstract vegetal forms, wooden sculptures reminding the support of his works, all these elements created in his studio a particular atmosphere that reminded me already the tranquility and the purity of Kengo Kuma’s architecture.

I knew then that we had to think about an exhibition project and that my presentation space and his unique work would then dialogue in perfect harmony.