Past exhibition
21.05.22 → 15.08.22

After presenting LE LIEN DES MONDES in 2017, a unique exhibition of Claudine Drai surrounded by fashion designer Hubert Barrère, writer Olivier Kaeppelin, and starred chef Guy Martin, the artist is back in Venice for the 2022 Biennale.

At ACP Palazzo Franchetti, and on the occasion of the Premiere of PRÉSENCE directed by Wim Wenders, she will exhibit her last creations from April 21st to May 15th.

The show is presented with the support of the gallery Clavé Fine Art.

PRÉSENCE is an installation by Wim Wenders that explores the world of Claudine Drai. It was made in 2020 and 2021, was shot in 3D and is only presented this way, as a three-dimensional projection. Premiering at Palazzo Grassi on April 22nd and 23rd, PRÉSENCE exists as a limited edition for museums and collectors.

Wim Wenders was mesmerised and deeply moved by the work of Claudine Drai when he first encountered it. He felt that her art was unique and distinctly different from anything he had ever seen, at the same time highly emotional and evocative. He wanted to find out more about this mysterious spiritual realm mostly made of white paper. Claudine Drai on the other hand felt that she could trust Wim Wenders with her fragile and poetic world.

While preserving the mystery of the film, this exhibition at ACP Palazzo Franchetti is a first glance at Claudine Drai’s world.

Then, from May 20 to August 15, Presence will be shown at the Palazzo Polignac, in a space where the works of Claudine Drai will also be exhibited. It will be a whole new world of understanding of the artist’s world.